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Our mission is to empower young people. We partner with students to launch innovative coffee concepts, develop entrepreneurial skills, and energize their campus communities.

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Students are the heart and soul of BrewBike. At each school we go to, teams of undergraduate students launch, grow, and manage their own real business. 

We've opened online so that our customers can enjoy their favorite brew even when they're not on campus or after they graduate.

We also want coffee drinkers around the country to be able to fall in love with our brew and support our mission with every sip. Every purchase made online directly supports our students and their campus businesses. 

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Our Story

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In 2015, a group of Northwestern freshmen founded BrewBike because it was too hard to get great coffee on campus. They wanted to offer delicious coffee that was easier to get and open Northwestern’s first fully student-run coffee shop. Their first idea was to build a mobile coffee bike, park it in the best location on campus, and serve delicious cold coffee.