All About Oat Milk

All About Oat Milk

All About Oat Milk

Do you love adding a splash of Oatly to your cold brew in the morning? Are you wondering what else you can do with your favorite milk alternative? I’ve got you covered with three fresh ways to use your oat milk!

Protip: Use a rubber ice cube tray or a single cube tray because oat milk is sticky and is a bit difficult to work with. 

Oatly and Fruit Ice Cream:

Okay, I can’t take credit for this one. My friends Sarah Kollender and Jess Waldman showed me this tried and true recipe that you can get a little creative with! All you need is some frozen fruit and of course some oat milk. In a bowl, add your favorite frozen fruit (I like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, but do your thing) and pour over the oat milk to cover. Then take a fork and begin mashing. This may take a few minutes. The more you mash the more delicious! Enjoy the tasty treat. You can also freeze and save for later, just make sure to let dethaw a few seconds. 

P.S. Oatly does have their own ice cream….but this is better. I promise.

P.S.S. This is perfect for hot summer nights and all of my lactose-intolerant friends desperately craving ice cream. 

Oatly Ice Cubes:

This one is simple and semi-obvious! Pour oatly into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight to create the perfect addition to your morning coffee. Coffee too hot? Add in an oatly ice cube! Your coffee is now a bit cooler and deliciously creamy! It’s also perfect if you are like me and it takes you over an hour to drink a coffee! Watered down cold brew no more!

Oatly Mac and Cheese:

I have been watching a ton of Queer Eye during quarantine and Antoni Porowski fully inspired this recipe. He is always using ingredient alternatives to create healthier versions of your fave comfort foods. So thank you, Antoni….now let’s make some mac and cheese! Basically, all I did is boil some pasta and melt a mixture of cheeses, spices, and ½ cup of oat milk. Then I tossed the two together, added some veggies and I was done. Super easy! If you have a favorite mac and cheese recipe, just substitute the milk or cream with some Oatly! 

P.S. I still used cheese, so this isn’t completely lactose intolerant safe, but it’s better than the classic recipe with ALL of the milk! There are some non-dairy cheese substitutes you can check out though, such as nutritional yeast. 

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Emily Burns is a barista at Northwestern University, studying Journalism and Business. When she’s not making the perfect oat-milk latte, she’s probably reading Vogue, writing for Women’s Wear Daily, or playing with her cat Wednesday. Follow Emily on Instagram @em.burnss.