Coffee Protein Shakes? Let’s Talk About It

Coffee Protein Shakes? Let’s Talk About It

Coffee Protein Shakes? Let’s Talk About It

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Well, your breakfast isn’t complete without a cup of coffee (and preferably a cup of BrewBike coffee). That’s why, when the idea hit me at 12:37 am this morning, I couldn’t just let it slip by. BrewBike coffee protein shakes. The answer to the age-old question: “Why doesn’t my coffee have any protein in it?” Fear not, because I have surmised a credible answer to this conundrum.

I entered the kitchen this morning with the same feeling of apprehension one would experience before a final exam because, in some ways, I’d been training for this my whole life. My BrewBike mason jar sat empty on the counter, mocking me. But I came to play. I brewed a cup of coffee with the BrewBike original blend and waited, sweat dripping down my neck in the lukewarm Connecticut fall, a whopping 73 degrees.

As the distinct whir of the coffeemaker faded into a steady hum, I sized up my competitor. It was only fit to name her, as this battle would be one for the ages. I’d call her Priscilla.A rush of warmth flitted up my fingertips and I moved Priscilla from my coffee maker to the countertop. It was girl against coffee, and this girl was determined to triumph.

Now, the hard part. I took a single scoop of my favorite water-soluble vanilla protein powder, making sure not a single granule was out of place. It had to be perfect.

The moment of truth. I poured the protein powder into the coffee and stirred it until each flake dissolved. Beautiful. Perfect. Earth shattering even. I’d been pretty proud when I was accepted into Northwestern, but this event transcended even that moment. A BrewBike coffee protein shake, with protein powder as a creamer AND a source of protein to start your day. Glorious. Absolutely iconic.

Try it out yourself, and see if you can make the experience more dramatic than I did. A high bar, but delicious nonetheless.



Lila Wells is an Operations Team Member and member of the Content Creation Team at Northwestern University, where she is a sophomore studying Sociology and Legal Studies (intended). When she's not curating graphics for social media or enjoying a cup of BrewBike cold brew, you can find Lila working on her start up (Unite Passion Project), learning Swahili, or hanging out with her dogs! Check out her Instagram @notlilawells.