Let's keep giving.

At the start of June, we launched a campaign to begin to do our part to combat injustice and inequity in our country. We committed to donate $10,000 and match our students' donations to organizations working towards a safer and more equitable future. Now, we want you to get involved. From Tuesday through Thursday, we’re donating to three different organizations that work to empower and enable young people around the country. Today is our final day and we're supporting:


Grab some super smooth cold brew today, and the proceeds from your order will be donated directly to the United Negro College Fund.

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The UNCF envisions a nation where all Americans have equal access to a college education that prepares them for rich intellectual lives, competitive and fulfilling careers, engaged citizenship and service to our nation.

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UNCF’s North Star is to increase the total annual number of African American college graduates by focusing on activities that ensure more students are college-ready, enroll in college and persist to graduation. This is done through a three-pillar strategy. Positioning member institutions as a viable college option for students and investing in institutional capacity to improve student outcomes; creating transformational support programs to ensure students are enrolling and persisting through college completion; building awareness of educational attainment and cultivating college-going behaviors within the African American community.

We're proud to stand with and support the UNCF and everything they do for young Black people across the country. We're so excited to support them today and to raise awareness of their incredible work. Click here to donate today, or shop now, and we'll contribute the proceeds from your order to this incredible organization.

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